Teacher Leaders of Math Responsibilities as developed and shared over the last few years.
  • Be a resource
  • Keep group focused and engaged on learning
  • Guide
  • Ask thought-provoking questions, extensions
  • Lead communication
  • Establish small groups norms, missions, goals
  • Check Angel weekly
  • Cheerleaders, movers & shakers
  • Build positive relationships with your team and to encourage productive communication between all participants
  • Encourage active participation at the sessions and on myeLearning
  • Monitor and encourage the group’s progress
  • Encourage open-mindedness
Role Model
  • Make it fun
  • Be flexible-open to new ideas
  • Be positive, constructive, provide humor
  • Establish positive relationships (support and encourage)
  • Value all the members
  • Using Angel/myeLearning
  • Develop relationships (within group & with other TLMs)
  • Keep members informed
  • Get to know group members
  • Share ideas
  • Liaison between other PLCs
  • Mediate between grant leaders and participants
  • Streamline (organize & summarize)
  • Share insights, problems, suggestions, and solution

Live communicating with your group, a time would need to be set up
  • Skype
  • Google Hangout
Sharing/Communicating with your TLM group.
  • Groups with in Angel
  • Create a Google Doc, Requires a gmail account and using Google plus.
    • This can be done with your school Google Account or with a personal Google Account.
    • Document can be shared with others that have gmail or the document can be open to the public and the address shared.
    • This allows for sharing of ideas as well as links.
  • Set up an email list and always use "reply to all" This does create a lot of emails
  • Kids Blog this is a free site that closed to anyone not in the blog and does not require an email address to participate
  • Set up a "Google Community" This is also a closed group.
  • Evernote and sharing a folder.

Working with Adults. Much of this comes from April Kelly, reading consultant at ESU #6