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Inspiring Math Documentaries Several good video related to mathematics.

From Lenny

  • Motion Math: Zoom (number line) A version is available for $.99 The upgrade to allow access to all games is worth the money.
  • MathTappers: EquivalentsConversions between fraction, decimal, or percent. Player can select any two or all three at three levels of difficulty. Shows a graphic of part of circle, number line, or part of 100 squares.
  • STEM video and resources
  • The Futures Channel, math, science, and real world videos
  • Apps Gone Free Get a daily email of apps that are temporarily free.
  • High School Apps link from Center for Algebraic Thinking

    Five Dice Free This is an order of operation. Receive 5 numbers and a target. Difficulty level is dependent on number of operations provided, parenthesis, and other factors.

From Chuck

North Platte

  • WolframAlpha App ($3.99) or web site This site allows math questions to be entered. Source of mathematical information.
  • Hot PotatoAlgebra and More: Free for some other areas cost.
  • Slide Share enter your interest area in the search bar and look for provided power points.
  • Math Play Ground LOTS of games. The game demonstrated was in "Math Games 2" scroll down to "Orbit" with integers
  • LOTS of games. We looked at the games "Number balls" and "fruit ..."
  • LOTS of game
  • Show meInteractive white board with ability to record voice and storage options. web site
  • Educreations Interactive white board with ability to record voice and storage options web site
  • Ten Mark --Free site for math practice
  • Socrative --Allows responses from student to be set up and collected.
  • That Quiz Free site that allows students to take a quiz and teacher to receive scores.