provides information about "flipping" a classroom, how to use videos and list of general video sites to be explored

Holding Student Accountable for time spent in the computer lab.Kris Linder <> The first is a log for students that I use during our version of homeroom. We go to the labs once or twice a week and students fill out the log about videos they watch. I have them also write down an example of the problem that they see so that they are engaged in what they are doing. Math_Lab.docx

Specific Videos for "Flipping" the classroom

General Videos

  • The Art of Problem Solving plus pre-algebra, algebra, and AMC question videos
  • a new site with videos.
  • Math Live presents students with animated stories that teach mathematics lessons. In all, there are 23 lessons for elementary school and middle school students.
  • Math Parodies on YouTube (many available) Make sure to preview COMPLETELY first before showing to class.
  • Math in the Movies Each of the movies on this site has a math related idea and a corresponding worksheet. There are worksheets for EACH movie on this site. You will have to look up the clips on YouTube, but they can all be found easily.
  • TED Talks Mathemagic Amazing mental math calculations! Arthur Benjamin does mental math calculations at amazing speeds. He even talks through one of the calculations out loud to give you an idea how he does it.
  • A new video that I purchased from PBS: Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII I am showing this while they study WWII in History...

Algebra Videos


  • go to YouTube and search rreese78 to find several videos on precalculus/trig/geometry


Number Sense




Videos to create student interest

Math in Nature