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Key individual information if you have additional questions:
Deb Romanek, NDE----Content questions deb.romanek@nebraska.gov
Deb Hericks, ESUCC---Registration questions dhericks@esucc.org
Ed Ankrom, NATM---NATM questions eankrom@bpsnebr.org

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Elementary Focus for 2013-14
Participating elementary teachers will participate in six day-long, interactive professional development sessions where they will focus on activities and discussions that strengthen their content knowledge, their pedagogical knowledge, related to the teaching of mathematics within a STEMcontext. Each of the professional development sessions will include a variety of engaging, hands-on activities that are related to the development of mathematical content, integration into STEM topics, and articulated instruction from Grades 3-6, with specific references to Standards based instruction and assessment. Thus, the topic of each of the six days would include the following:
Day 1: Teaching Math within STEM: Sample Activities and Assessments
Day 2: Teaching Elementary Math Topics in Science Activities
Day 3: Teaching Elementary Math Topics in Engineering Activities
Day 4: Teaching Elementary Math Topics Using New Technologies
Day 5: STEM and Mathematics: The Perfect Context for Student Assessment
Day 6: Going Beyond STEM: Art, Social Studies, and Literacy Mathematics Connections

Facilitated by:
Dr. Neal Grandgenett ngrandgenett@unomaha.edu
Dr. Elliot Ostler elliottostler@unomaha.edu

MS/HS Focus for 2013-14
The 2013-2014 Nebraska Mathematics Professional Development Series (NMPDS) will focus on these conceptual categories at the middle and high school levels:
a) Fractions, ratios and proportional relationships, similarity
b) Algebra, with special attention to expressions, equations, polynomials, and inequalities.
c) Functions – multiple representations of linear, quadratic, exponential, and trigonometric functions
d) Connections of these topics to Geometry and Data Analysis as appropriate.
A primary goal throughout the series will be to integrate, model, and apply problem solving strategies, appropriate use of technology, and standards for mathematical practices.

MS/HS Facilitated by
Lenny VerMaas, lennyvermaas@gmail.com, Lenny’s Main Website: http://lvermaas.wikispaces.com/
Chuck Friesen chuckfriesen@gmail.com

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